Work Smart.
With a Vision.

Our vision is to establish an advanced petroleum-knowledge Exchange Portal using workspace technologies where our staff, affiliates, and clients collaborate to design realistic and profitable V2V petroleum development projects.

A Team Built for a Mission.

At Geotrex, our mission is to conserve and grow clients’ petroleum resources .We collaborate with our customers to achieve best in class returns on their petroleum development investments through our uniquely Capstone® Volume to Value (V2V) work flow that emphasizes realistic production targets.


Geotrex's Unique Value Proposition

Our unique value proposition is to develop a long-term relationship with our clients and become the Home Office Extension (HOE) of their geoscience and petroleum engineering departments - offsite! Under an HOE service contract, we deploy our geoscientists, reservoir engineers and production engineers to provide real time operations support services across the petroleum upstream, encompassing exploration, appraisal, development and production of oil and gas activities, strictly to international safety and quality standards and adhering to governmental regulations, regulatory compliance and market outlook.

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