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Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine

Step 1

Within Klipfolio, you create connections with your data sources that live outside of Klipfolio, defining (with queries) what slices of that data you’d like to bring into Klipfolio, and how often.

Step 2

The results of your data queries are temporarily stored in your Klipfolio library (which is stored in Klipfolio’s database), until it's time for that data to be refreshed.

Step 3

You can transform the data sets you bring into Klipfolio, combining data sets, and manipulating them with Excel like formulas and math functions.
When it's time for a data source to be refreshed, the latest data will be pulled into your Klipfolio data library from your data source, ensuring that your data visualizations and dashboards always reflect current data.