Meter capabilities

  • Continuous production metering of well effluents oil, water and gas rates.
  • Use for extended well tests (MERT) for a week or more instead of current 24 hour monthly test for production back allocation purposes
  • Optimizing flow in gas lifted wells (clients often surprised to learn that gas injection for optimal lifting is not as planned or envisaged. Case histories abound).
  • Monitoring of slug flow dominated well which are non-detectable using conventional intrusion meters.
  • Frequent tripping wells due to excessive water loading
  • Backup meter for LACT units and other fiscal devices in case of instrumental failure.

The assembly being simulated

  • The simulator software emulates the gamma ray source and detector assembly
  • The PLC had previously converted the signals generated by the detector to numeric data
  • The numeric data are collected by a utility software and stored in the configuration computer
  • The simulator software feeds the stored raw data back to the PLC during simulation

Typical Layout of Metering System

Inside The Data Processing Unit

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