Hydrocarbon Accounting & Production Allocation Services

Geotrex Hydrocarbon Accounting and Production Allocation (HAPA) service employs a range of analytical methods and procedures — including field layout diagraming, energy and material balance calculation, fluid flow logic and production modelling and analysis — to derive robust production allocation logic and algorithms that ensures proper management and elimination of production losses, reliability in production data for reservoir analysis while meeting government and internal control requirements.

Geotrex also assists clients on design of most appropriate software platform on which to run their derived HAPA systems often through the mechanism of a cloud based software as a service (SaaS). Our recommendations will often be based on consumption-based pricing models on a multi-tenancy with provision of sufficient elasticity for upgrading or down scaling. Our HAPA services include:

Management and Elimination of Production Losses:

  • Operational Losses Corporate Library Definition & Design
  • Design of Data Capture Process Root Cause Analysis and Loss Reportage
  • Executing Actions Eliminating major Losses
  • Production Reliability Assurance (for Reservoir Analysis)

  • Field Layout Design and Configuration
  • Detailed Design of Flow Data Capture Devices
  • Design and Automation of Allocation Algorithms to Wells and Reservoirs
  • Government, Regulatory and Internal Controls

  • Analysis of Jurisdictions' Hydrocarbon Accounting System Requirements
  • Customization of HAPA System for Each Jurisdiction
  • Compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and Other Internal Requirements
  • Complete Automation of Reports(no manual adjustments)
  • Audibility of Reports(who, when, how, where)

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