Petroleum Geoscience Advisory Services

Geoscience Advisory

Petroleum Geoscience

Geotrex petroleum and geoscience advisory services draws upon extensive technical and managerial experience in exploration, development and production to provide perspective on issues at hand and insight in potential impact of proposed oil and gas business decisions.

We offer a range of services often adopting one of three roles:

Giving an independent Opinion of oil and gas field value and potential development.

Offering Peer Assistance to clients including value optimisation and risk mitigating strategies

Providing Advisory services, working with our clients to identify, develop and execute oil and gas strategies.

Reservoir Geophysics and Geology
A big portion of exploration and development budgets are spent on seismic data acquisition and processing. At Geotrex Systems we utilize advanced G&G methods to extract valuable information from the seismic data then integrate through our seismic to simulation workflow:

 Seismic data is conditioned for quantitative information methods for both pre-stack and post-stack.


 Seismic interpretation is carried out


 AVO analysis, Simultaneous or Stochastic Inversion will be applied on seismic data in combination with geological and borehole information


 The results will be analyzed and integrated in to static model through rock property calculation, facies extraction etc.


 Related probabilities and risks will be calculated for each of the lithofacies during volume calculation.


 Results will be carried into reservoir simulation

Our exploration and production geo-science services include the following:

 Regional Basin Studies

 Stratigraphic Studies

 Prospect Evaluation

 Structural Analysis and Modelling

 Pre-stack and post-stack Seismic Interpretation

 Seismic Inversion

 Lithofacies extraction

 Static Modelling

 Petrophysical Modelling

 Mapping and Volumetrics

 Geostatistical Analysis

 Volumetric analysis