Petroleum & Geoscience Advisory Services

Geoscience Advisory

Petroleum & Geoscience

Geotrex petroleum and geoscience advisory services draws upon extensive technical and managerial experience in exploration, development and production to provide perspective on issues at hand and insight in potential impact of proposed oil and gas business decisions.

We offer a range of services often adopting one of three roles:

Giving an independent Opinion of oil and gas field value and potential development.

Offering Peer Assistance to clients including value optimisation and risk mitigating strategies

Providing Advisory services, working with our clients to identify, develop and execute oil and gas strategies.

Our activities range from advising senior management on specific oil and gas development opportunities and solutions, to oil and gas reserves and production forecasting, expert witness services and counsel for international companies looking to build their business in Nigeria and the Gulf of Guinea.

Our complete suite of technical and executive service provides strategic insight into oil and gas development and production as well as business and asset management.

Our Core Petroleum and Geoscience Activities include

: Oil and Gas Asset Valuations

: Expert Advice to Banks and Investors for Debt or Equity Financing

: Exploration Portfolio Management

: Architecting and Design Of Oil and Gas Field Development Plans

: Engineering and Geoscience Reservoir Analysis & Studies

: Well & Reservoir Management Services

: Real Time Operations Planning and Support Services

: Facilities Maintenance Design and Planning Services

: Peer Review Services

: Economic Evaluations Of Proposed Plans and Decisions