Governance, Risk and Compliance Services

Geotrex Governance. Risk art Compliance (GRC) service assists oil and gas companies maintain a complete situational awareness Of GRC issues across operations, processes, relationships. systems and data to see the big picture of risk and its impact on organization performance and strategy.

Geotrex is in alliance with a number of leading GRC organizations worldwide and can leverage its partnerships to enable its clients to:

  • Make business decisions with a full view of risks aligned to objectives.
  • Align business strategy and objectives and be able to identify and capitalize on opportunities through strong risk management practices while reducing overall risk.
  • Attain enterprise wide visibility and control across its own operations and the extended enterprise.
  • Protect shareholder value and the brand of the organization while controlling costs and reducing losses.

  • Our GRC service in collaboration with our leading partners assists clients to design and implement their own GRC architecture with the following capabilities.

  • Analysis and design of Functional, Issue-Specific as well as Industry specific Applications
  • Operationalization Of GRC
  • Integration of Content
  • Analytics with Contextual Awareness
  • Mobility and GRC Ecosystem

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